CCC Takeover - NY, NY


As Chefs Club Counter approached a new chapter of their existence, they needed a little update. Because they spent so much money initially on their branding, they wanted to change as much as they could without changing too much. The space and concept were solid but just needed a bit of personality. Less handshake, more hug.



Alvin Cailan is Filipino, Amboy is how he cooks Filipino. He wanted a vintage sports nod to the LA Dodgers, but made it very clear that he wanted simple. Something that felt like home without trying too hard. Something that politely said, “I grew up in Pico Rivera. My Catholic Filipino family told me I should be a doctor or a lawyer or even an architect, I told them I am going to be a chef and after 7 years of silence I now happily drink with them while eating food we all grew up on.”

OddFellows Carnival - NY, NY


OddFellows Ice Cream of Williamsburg was about to pop-up in Soho, NY. After a 6 scoop tasting of their delightful dairy dreams, I talked to the co-owner Mohan and he was thinking ice cream carnival. As soon as it finished I ate vanilla-orange-swirl everyday surrounded by 31 of the creepiest Walmart clapping monkeys while my already high blood pressure was on the up and up.

Paper Planes - NY, NY


Paper Planes are familiarly a piece of paper that nostalgically symbolizes the benefit of making the best of a simple opportunity, or another way of saying a joint or a blunt. An upcoming restaurant brand that nods politely at eating healthy while having the munchies and at making simply good food that wil get you through the day without dragging you down.